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. breaking news tonight. a prince george's county sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a man and neighbors say it happened right in front of his mother. this happened this evening along 6 third avenue in east riverdale. we're at the scene. debora, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: well, anita, i can tell you that what started out at 7:30 tonight as a sheriff's deputy trying to serve a protective order at this house behind me ended up, neighbors say, with a mom watching her son die. listen to how this all went down. >> a deputy sheriff with the prince george's county office respond to 6312 63rd to serve a protective order. >> reporter: that man was identified only as frank. they say frank's mom opened the door. >> while he was in the home, a male subject appeared from the rear of the house displaying a
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firearm. >> reporter: that's when captain nancy rigly says the deputy sheriff shot the 39-year-old man. >> i hear the ambulance. >> reporter: frank died at the hospital. >> he was a problem with police before. >> reporter: the deputy sheriff wasn't hurt. he's now on tryempora administrative duty. >> he's a tenured law enforcement officer. >> reporter: prince george's county sheriff's office says they're not going to confirm the person's name. they're not going to give out the name at all. this matter is under investigation. we're live here in east riverdale, 9news. >> thank you, debora. the scandal involving former cia director david patraeus continues to unfold. >> and here is the latest tonight. the army has suspended paula broadwell aus security clearance. she was -- broadwell's security clearance. her complaint about the threatening e-mails made to fbi agent frederick humphreys are
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the ones that revealed the patraeus affair. tonight we're also hearing from general john allen, he's the top commander in afghanistan and he says he will fully cooperate with the investigation. thousands of e-mails have been discovered between him and joe kelly. both maintain they have done nothing wrong and the president today was weighing in. >> i have no evidence at this point that classified information was disclosed that in anyway would have had a negative indication. >> as for general john allen, the white house and lawmakers continued to express confidence in his leadership, but his promotion is on hold. from addition to discussing the patraeus scandal, president obama addressed the fiscal cliff and the attack on libya today.
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it's his first press conference since his reelection. they'll block because of comments she made after the attack on benghazi. >> go after the u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi but to smudge her reputation is outrageous. >> i gathered the families of these brave americans who were murdered who believe that we are picking on any one. >> make a serious debt. >> the president there also talking about finding solutions with congress to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. one way to avoid it so to extend the tax cuts only to those making less than $250,000 a year. the deadline for reaching a deal, new year's eve. well, last night we told you about a hearing today for a washington pain doctor fighting for his right to prescribe the drugs right here in dc. well, things took an interesting
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turn there tonight when a judge threw out the testimony of one witness. gary nurenberg was there and he was here now with the storely. >> reporter: the government witness testified that his investigators had secretly videotaped one of the patients of dr. allen salarian. the problem is, the government didn't turn the tape over to the defense. the witness's testimony was thrown out. the day began with a silent vigil held by supporters in tribute to the three patients who have committed suicide since the dc government stopped him from writing prescriptions in april. >> this is in memory of the people who died unnecessarily. >> reporter: the hearing before the district board of medicine adjourned wednesday night shortly after it was revealed the government had withheld from the defense secretly recorded videotape and photographs of a patient. >> i have been doing this 27 years, so i'm not the guy you
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want to ask about the government. >> reporter: in other words, you're not surprised? >> no. >> reporter: should they have provided that video to you? >> yes. >> reporter: his case is complicated. burglars stole prescription pads from him nearly two years ago and he says forged his name on prescriptions up and down the east coast. the dc government is trying to permanently revoke his license to write prescriptions for class 2 narcotics arguing he prescribes them too frequently. >> patients that need pain medication get it. >> reporter: they say he is unorthodox. he says the decision will come from the medical board. >> it's unlike trying a case to a judge who may not have medical knowledge. you're trying a case to physicians who understand treatment and how people should be treated. >> reporter: the presiding officer wouldn't talk to 9news now on the camera. the assistant attorney general leading the case wouldn't talk either. the lawyer near the end of the story with the glasses is his
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attorney. closing arguments have not been scheduled in the case that will determine whether the former chief psychiatrist at the fbi will be allowed to resume writing prescriptions. a case being closely watched by other pain doctors around the country for its presidential value. >> thank you. the owner of the company linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak refused to answer questions on capitol hill today. >> what explanation can you give the families who have lost their loved ones? >> i respectfully decline to answer on the basis of my constitutional rights and privileges. >> lawmakers had subpoenaed him and his company accused of making medication contaminated with fungus. it killed 32 people, sickened more than 400 others in 19 states, including maryland and virginia. one of those victims was a retired judge. his widow came looking for
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answers. >> we're heart broken. we're devastated. and i just came here to beg you to do something about the matter. >> the massachusetts company had a well documented history of problems. nearly 10 years ago, the food and drug administration wanted to shut it down until it cleaned up its operation. instead the fda deferred to state regulate tordz who allowed it to -- regulators who allowed it to stay open. the senate will hold its own investigative hearing tomorrow. as the patraeus scandal continues to unravel, you better recognize when you interact with someone behind a computer screen, there is no such thing as privacy no matter what. >> reporter: the alcu published an article today. when the cia director can hide his activities online, what hope is there for the rest of us? now, meet a man who has
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developed a product designed to keep a closer eye on the contacts of our electronic messages. >> text is going to go from here to here. and what we've done is chose in this demonstration to red box those that are considered objectionable. >> reporter: this man is developing software that allows a third party to monitor text messages, e-mail, video and other messages to other people. his company scans for obscene pictures up loaded by their use eshes. it was a sexting message intended for his young daughter four years ago that inspired him to create this tool. >> the phone vibrates. i turn it over and johnny had sent a little text message with his johnson. >> reporter: the program he says works by using algorhythms. it teaches the computer to detect languages. >> a human can look at 500 images in an hour. one server with our software, 50,000 plus. ? and it's that premise --
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>> reporter: and it's that premise that he's building on. maybe there's a certain government agency that would need some help sifting through 10s of thousands of e-mails between, say, a high ranking military official and women involved in a high profile sex scandal. >> we'll actually had conversations with several different entities of the government. the three letters here, the three letters there. >> reporter: in the end he believes his product isn't about big brother but keeping people safe from unsolicited obscenities. >> mine is more from a parent. how someone uses technology is an age old question. >> reporter: the technology isn't available to the general public yet, but he expects it will be sometime next year. what do you think about this? should this kind of technology be availableo the public or even government agencies? tweet me at kenwusa9. i would love to hear your
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comments. people named their sexiest man alive, and he's probably a favorite of a lot of yours. plus we have a warning for toyota owners out there. details on a recall. one of their most popular models is involved. do you think your power bill is high? one guy got one for 11 grand. when he complained, pepco said that was wrong. it was actually more. his frustrating battle is next. topper. >> well, neither dulles or national made 50 today. we were in the 40s. more like december. and here is your wake up weather. grab your coat and sunglasses. 30s at 5:00. but 28-38 at 7:00. we'll come back and talk about the temps and look ahead to the weekend. still watching the coastal storm for the weeke
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just moments ago, we learned prince george's county police have arrested four men for the 2010 shooting of 29-year-old melvin pike. back in november of that year, pike was found in his car suffering from a gunshot wound. fast forward to last week. he died of complications related to the shooting. police have ruled the manner of death a homicide and the four have now been charged with first and second degree murder and a host of related charges as well. here is a question. what will you do if you got an $11,000 bill from pepco? you complain, right? >> yes. that is huge. but in a very real case, pepco responded by sending out a brand newbill saying the bill wasn't really 11 grand. it was actually $19,000. and it only got worse. that is until investigative reporter russ ptacek got involved. russ. >> derek and anita, the customer swears no way, no how could he
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possibly have used the 10s of thousands of dollars in pepco power pepco claimed he owed them for his small bethesda shop. even before he had first turned on the lights at his new bethesda salon, his pepco meter was already racing out of control. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: just take a look at that pepco bill. >> the initial bill was 73 plus $4,200 totalling the $11,585. after i had protested about this number, i got another bill, as you can see, that then totaled $19,000. >> reporter: he says finally pepco agreed to launch an investigation. so he just went back to business. so how do you feel about the overall length of your hair. and waited. and waited for the result.
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>> the results of the investigation were an insult. i got a one sentence letter stating that upon a review of your account, it has been determined the meter reading is correct and your bill is now due. my third bill was $25,000. >> reporter: when he got nowhere with pepco, he contacted a consumer protection agency, an agency familiar with our ongoing review of the utility. they suggested he contact us. to unravel the mystery of his meter, pepco required him to sign a release. >> they wanted permission for you to investigate. i said, oh, please. >> reporter: this time pepco's investigation found something. his meter wasn't his meter at all. for months, he had been charged for power his small shop wasn't using. >> i made one phone call to you guys. next thing i know the ball is rolling. three days later i have resolution. >> reporter: so tonight when he shuts off the lights, his pepco
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meter should be shutting down too. now to this day, pepco maintains that bill was correctly recording the power for a meter. but they acknowledge that it wasn't his. pepco says the meter was wrongly assigned to his account by his landlord. >> okay. so who really is using the power, russ, and why didn't they figure this out? >> reporter: well, pepco says it can't tell us specifically who, but it was going to a neighboring business. pepco says it's expensive to test meters and verify that they're serving the right customer. so they don't do it unless customers specifically request it. and they say even if we hadn't gotten involved, he could have gotten the same result if he had just kept peppering pepco. he doesn't believe that. >> in other words, they're saying he didn't complain enough? >> reporter: not enough. this man is a complainer. >> exactly. thank you, russ. we have a consumer alert for
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you, toyota owners. the auto maker recalling 2.7 million cars and 670,000 of them are right here in the u.s.. older prius hybrids from years 2003-2009. they could have potentially defective steering. about half of those same cars have water pumps that could cause the cars to stall out. they haven't had any accidents but they want to fix them. derek -- sorry. topper not you either. channing tatum has gotten named the sexiest man of the year. he is appealing to the younger girls. don't worry about it. he says he's surprised by the honor. at first he thought the magazine was playing a joke on him but it was real. sexiest man alive. >> anybody that saw the space alien would say i'm not sure i
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didn't win. >> appealing to the young. >> that's the nicest thing i've been called all day. in probably a couple weeks [ laughing ] . we average about 800 tornadoes a year in the lower 48. kind of rare to see a tornado or water spout in japan, but check this out. it looks like it's over land but it's not. it's pulley over a little port city. it's also sort of in the mountains. at the bottom of that is the water. so a little tiny rope of a water spout. and kind of cool. they don't happen too often in japan. but they can. and, of course, tornado or water spout is possible at any state in our union. okay. kind of neat. all right. for us, have a live look outside. it is our michael and son weather cam. kind of a chilly night. 38 already downtown. dew points in the upper 20s. winds have calmed down. pressure falling just a little bit. but still pretty high. 30.46 inches of mercury. if you have a barometer, it's a good time to set it because the pressure is pretty darn high. and the pressure gets dry in the fall and winter because the
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pressure is high. the air is denser. we have a weak system. it's just like a trough, if you will. it's not even up to cold front status. it stretches from western pa back into the valley. some high clouds will continue to roll in tonight and again tomorrow. so that's going to keep it a little cooler. good news, we have no winds to speak of tomorrow. bad news, some clouds will put a little bit of a damper on the temperatures. so because of that, a cold start at the bus stop. we're talking 20s in the burbs. so high schoolers are going to have a chilly start. you'll need your shades and jacket all day. i'd keep the jacket handy too. still a little chilly. 50s not exactly warm in my book. especially with the low sun angle. nice finish to the week. friday will be great with more sunshine and a little milder air. pretty nice. so overnight, we'll say high clouds. cold. still a 1 or 2 blanket night, though. 28-38. winds out of the northeast at about 10. tomorrow night mostly cloudy and chilly. temps primarily 30s and 40s.
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but, again, early in the morning between 6:00 and 7:00, there will be upper 20s. winds northeasterly at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy. a bit chilly. high temperatures only around 50. we have a better chance of hitting 50 tomorrow. winds light, northeasterly at about 5-10. next three days our nine weather alerts are green, green and green. so chilly but nice tomorrow. 50. a few clouds. cool but nice on friday. 54. and then a bit milder on saturday. great for the terps. temperatures in the mid 50s. again with light winds. next seven days, haven't monkeyed around with the weekend. we have a chance of rain late monday. the game is early at fedex. so we might get the game in early and get it finished before the rain rolls in. upper 40s and then 50s next week. so wizards we were watching a little bit up in sports and they looked like they were on
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the come back. >> it got exciting at the very end. >> but -- >> but this is the wizards. >> oh. so you can figure that one out. >> are you playing some basketball? >> it's been another rough start for the wizards. if tonight was any indication, they're not ready to give up just yet. but fans may be ready to. wait until you hear what some of them had to say. plus rgiii gets another honors. this time from his own teammates. sports is next.
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> okay, wizards fans. if you haven't already, it's time to face the facts. unless the wizards signed a 28-year-old michael jordan tomorrow, you're in for the very long, long season. seven down, 75 to go, the wizards will hopefully win a game. but tonight wasn't one of them. john walls still out. the wizards, they could really use him right now. i would say they did keep things interesting near the end. down as much as 22 points at one point. martin four for four pulls the wizards within three. but the ball just wasn't bouncing their way tonight. the mavericks win this one by six. the wizards fall to 0-7 on the
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season. now some fans have plenty to say on twitter. matt tweeted i have something like 409 channels on tv. there is no excuse for watching the wizards game. these wizards are another embarrassment. what a joke of a team. some march words. derek -- harsh words. derek likes to say they can't bust a break. georgetown had better look. they were hosting liberty. our reporter missed a game but the hoyas were just fine without him. career high 18 points get them a win. gonzalez lost out on the cy young award tonight, and ra dicky took that one. he finished third just getting one vote. >> the redskins have a good season starting.
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the recent skid has many realizing not much has changed and it's the recent skid and the extra week to think about it that rgiii says made him come out hungrier. the rest of the offensive players voted rgiii as captain for the rest of the season. now, coach mike shanahan says that's a first in his career but isn't completely surprised. >> you get a guy like robert griffin, if you voted right away it's hard for him to be a captain. midway through the season it makes sense. >> people will say it's me and i'll get all of the blame and all of the fame. but it's the guys around me that make me great. >> and it took a couple of weeks but the nfl finally decided to punish deangelo hall. he was rejected from the skins game yelling at the referees. he won't be suspended but the nfl has fined him $30,000 for
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that. so hall will be on the field, but a lot less money in his pocket. >> an expensive tantrum. >> we have some hope for sunday. >> let's hope so. >> yes. >> let's hope they can do it. we'll be right back.
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whoa, baby. someone should give the new mom a metal or a day at the spa. she just gave birth to the
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heaviest triplets in the world. combined these little guys from sacramento weighed 20 pounds. she conceived the boys naturally and was determined to carry them to full term. she ate 600 calories a day to help them to grow. she made it to 37 weeks. that's almost unheard of. and she got three healthy little guys. >> wow. congratulations, mama. >> that's amazing. >> yes, it is. that is our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget we're always on
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